New Series – Conquering the Pile of Shame

As a gamer, I am particularly bad at hoarding video games and taking advantage of literally every sale that I come across. I frequently check an expansive amount of websites and storefronts to find the best deals on either single video games or bundles of them. Throughout my years of deal hunting, I have amassed a pretty gigantic amount of unplayed games ranging from games I never got around to playing, to games that are so bad or unfinished I can’t bring myself to play them.

That all stops now.

With this new series – Conquering the Pile of Shame, I will be taking all of the games in my library that I have not played a single minute of and writing down my opinions on each of them. Some of them will be terrible games, in the same way that a B-Movies can be both great and terrible simultaneously. Now instead of just bashing these games into the ground, I will attempt to find the good qualities of each game (because there has to be at least one) but give ample space to the flaws of each different game.

In essence these will be reviews of an expansive array of bad games, but more than that it will be the journey of a gamer trying to conquer that behemoth, the “Pile of Shame.”


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